Nold Open Garage and Gate Opener

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  1. You’re product and your customer service are truly top notch. You have stepped up to assist us and go beyond what I expected. Thank you


  2. Simple to use and better than entry cards. We are using Nold for 3 months now in an office building. 2 devices, one for the parking lot(its a barrier) and another for the office door. Its a lot easier to manage this way instead of the entry cards. One thing that could be improved is connection speed, when you tap the key there’s a small delay when the door actually opens. Other than this everyone loves it in the office. When a client comes in the office and i open the door with my phone, its always a wow factor for them ?


  3. Nold is Fantastic!! It can be easily installed on any existing motor like a garage-door motor or gate opener. The app is free to download and very intuitive. It uses Bluetooth so no need for GPS signals or WiFi, network or internet setup and hassles with firewalls and settings. The app just search it and lets you control your gate.
    Security is super tight as there is only 1 master(the first one) and you can share your virtual key with others without having to buy more remote controls.
    The key optionally work on certain time-frames which allows personalized entry from all users including “expiring access keys”, all without network-access and internet. Amazing!
    I added all my garagedoors and it allows me to share and manage the security from the palm of my hand! Love it!!!


  4. Excellent products, they just work! I had a couple of questions when I first installed the two devices but can honestly say that the technical support responses where the best I’ve ever experienced in the tech industry. I have no reservations recommending this product and company. Other tech companies could learn lessons from these guys!